Episode 8 - The Battle Hymn of Suckville!

Episode 8 is out and its a good one.   A new smash folk rock much music video by the Parkdale branch of He Mistook Her For A Swan kicks it off!   Then we get into the meaning of life via Open D tuning believe it or not.   In our stream of consciousness travels I we touch on Elmore James, Jelly Roll Morton, Elizabeth Cotton, Calgary Glam in the 70's, Johnny Lovesin and more! 

Here's the link:: 

Episode 8

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HMHFAS Emergency Broadcasting System Channel

as you can see - we're still called UCjA81 blah blah blah instead of something normal cause we dont have 100 subscribers.   HELP!   Call your uncle - get him to subscribe.... 

Hope you're all well, safe and sane and not in jail.   Love hearing from you so feel free to reach out any time.