New Release "The Episodes"

The Episodes

He Mistook Her For A Swan

Between Apri 5 2020 and March 28 2021,I put out an irreverant history of Folk Music podcast on YouTube every Sunday for 52 weeks during the Covid fiasco to keep myself occupied and keep in touch with my friends. Almost every week, I recorded a song related to the episode. I've pulled together a few of the better ones for 'The Episodes'
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He Mistook Her For A Swan - Debut Album

New Album - Liner Notes

The Band: 

Colleen Hodgson – vocals and acoustic guitar 

Steve Koch – vocals and acoustic guitar and electric guitar on 'Paranoid' 

Recorded and Produced by: 

John Borra at John MacLeod's studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2019 

Mastered by: 

Peter J Moore at the “E Room” 

Track Listing 

Katie Cruel – vocals by Colleen. A traditional American song going back to at least Revolutional War times. Covered by many people over the years, this is our arrangement. 

Milk and Honey – vocals by Colleen. Written by Jackson C Frank, a sad and beautiful song from his 1965 album. 

Nottamun Town – vocals by Colleen. An ancient British Isles song describing a world turned upside down and so oddly appropriate for the year 2020. 

Paranoid – vocals by Steve and Colleen. Guitar solo by Steve. The greatest of all heavy metal songs, written by Black Sabbath is actually a sad and beautiful folk song. 

She Moved Through the Fair – vocals by Colleen and Steve. The great traditional British Isles ghost story of love and loss. 

Who Knows Where the Time Goes – vocals by Colleen. Written by Sandy Denny before she joined Fairport Convention. A moving meditation on love and the terrible passing of time. 

Go Your Way – vocals by Colleen. Written by Anne Briggs and recorded on her 1971 album. A sad and beautiful song, arranged by He Mistook Her For A Swan.