Episode 5 of the Emergency Broadcast System is out

hi everyone, 

Hope everyone is safe and well and staying out of jail.   We've posted a new Episode today on National Paranormal day so appropriately we talk about some ghostly stuff like the song Polly Vaughn which is where we got out name.   Also the Rime of the Ancient Mariner believe it or not.   And we round it off with a beautiful video and song by our friend and collaborator Brian and as if that wasnt enough - we've got Screamin Sam on the singing saw on that song!   Dont forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Check it out: 

Emergency Broadcasting System - Episode 5


Here's a couple of other links if you're interested: 

Polly Vaughn by Anne Briggs

Anne Briggs - singing Polly Vaughn


The Big Read - Ancient Mariner


keep safe, keep sane, keep on rockin in the free(ish) world